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Protect your investment with Jackson & James Overhead Door Maintenance Packages.
Prevent sudden door breakages & reduce downtime so you can rest easy.

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From damaged doors, broken springs or any other repair Jackson & James has you covered.
Trusted in Edmonton for more than 25 years.

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From full garage door replacement to service and maintenance –
you can trust Jackson & James to get your door rolling like new.

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Overhead Door & Dock Maintenance Program

At Jackson & James, preventative maintenance has always been a focus. Over the past 25 years, with the help of Edmonton’s leading facility managers, we have developed the J&J Preventative Maintenance Program. No matter the door, no matter the size, our continual maintenance packages have been designed to reduce long term door breakdown costs. Our systematic approach to inspection, detection and correction of problems will keep your facilities overhead doors and loading docks trouble free for years to come.

We customize each of our Preventative Maintenance Packages to suit your facilities specific needs. They are cost effective, provide great value, and will give you the peace of mind you deserve. Contact us today to discuss your own needs.

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On a regular basis, Jackson & James will inspect each of your overhead doors to ensure that they are in peak performance. Equipment, fasteners, springs, cables, rollers, pulleys and all other door hardware will be visually inspected for signs of wear and tear. The door balance will be tested along with a number of other inspections designed to catch potential problems before they become a disaster.


During our detection phase we will perform routine maintenance on your overhead doors and loading docks. This includes (but is not limited to) lubrication of tracks, rollers, pulleys and cables, checking safety devices, tightening of all fasteners, and in depth review of anything specific to your needs. By the time we are done, your doors will be back to operating like new.


On occasion, our preventative maintenance packages will detect a major issue. That’s why we do them in the first place. When this happens, we will provide you with a course of action to correct the upcoming issue. We will repair or service the problem and ensure that your doors will not have any major issues before your next maintenance schedule so you can rest easy.


We know that your business has unique needs. If you didn’t see the services you need for your overhead door, don’t worry, we have expertise across the industry. Big or small, standard or custom, we will create a maintenance solution that will fit your needs and save you money and headache.


  • Immediate Response

    In an emergency situation, the Preventive Maintenance Program prioritizes immediate action to the customer and expedites the return of productivity to both equipment and employees.

  • Cost Effective

    We know that costs are important. Our maintenance programs are designed to save you money. From pre-scheduling visits, to dedicated technicians you’ll love our commitment – your bookkeeper will love our prices.

  • Accountability

    One of our objectives is to meet your company’s insurance requirements as it pertains to subcontractors working on-site. Whenever our trained service personnel work on your equipment, the result is a detailed service record for your files.

  • Discounted Service Rate

    Our preventative maintenance clients not only receive priority response times, they also receive a discount on all labour and parts required for proper equipment upkeep.

  • Improved Efficiency

    Not having your overhead doors performing can cause entire shutdowns – and nobody wants that. By maintaining your equipment you will prevent these costly shutdowns and improve your output efficiency. Win Win.

  • Expertise

    We’ve got your back. As experts in overhead door and loading dock maintenance, we will keep you trouble free. And we are just a quick phone call away should an issue arise. Call us anytime and let our expertise give you peace of mind.

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